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As a non-profit we need your help to provide open access to life-saving information for all.



Everything you get with free:

  • Alerts for up to 4 Counties
  • One saved place
  • Fire Perimeters
  • Hot Spots (VIIRS & MODIS)
  • Red Flag Warnings
  • Surface Wind Direction
  • Air Quality Index (AQI)



per year


Everything in free, plus:

  • Fire Fighting Flight Tracker
  • Alerts for more than 4 counties
  • More Saved Places



per year (Aug '24)

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Everything in Membership, plus:

  • Live Fuels & Forecast
  • Radio Repeaters
    Locations, Frequencies & Output tones
  • Critical Infrastructure
    Electric and Gas Transmission lines
  • Utility service territory
  • Public Land Ownership & Responsibility
  • Private Land Ownership
  • Unified Evacuation Zone Map
  • Fire Progression Model Coming Soon
  • Broadcastify Feed Catalog Coming Soon
  • Historical and inactive fires Coming Soon
  • Map Tools Coming Soon
    Distance, Pin drop lat & lon


Coming Soon

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Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Import Custom ESRI Layers
  • User Management
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Discounted Memberships
  • Incident API Access (Add-on)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes! Pricing starts at $25/year per user, with price breaks starting at 50 users. Please contact for more information.

Do you have a Data API?

We do have an Incident Data API that is available. Please note, we do not collect or sell any user data. Please contact for more information.