Code of Conduct

We take our responsibility very seriously and as such we adhere to a strict code of conduct. We are in a challenging position because we are trying to keep the community informed in real time without undermining the authorities. Our reporters are very strict about confirming sources and follow rigorous guidelines about what to publish - and more importantly - what we don’t.

We rely on many modern technologies to deliver factual information to the public as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. Our reporters use an internal messaging system to discuss the situation in real-time before we post anything publicly. It is of the utmost importance that we keep the trust of the community but also that of the authorities.

Our Principles

No Hearsay

  • We do not publish hearsay or speculation.
  • Information must come from a bonafide source, e.g., radio scanner transmission, a firefighter, a Sheriff, CALFIRE publication, etc.
  • All containment percentages and other relevant data must come from official sources.

No Sensationalization or Editorialization

  • We will not add opinion or editorialization to any content that we publish.
  • We only relay pertinent information that helps the community prepare or to protect themselves.

No Personally Identifiable Information

  • No patient names, accident victims, or any other name shall ever be published.
  • Addresses (other than an incident address), license plates, and other personally identifiable information shall never be published.
  • First responder names will not be given unless quoted from an official source.

Communication & Collaboration

  • All information is discussed on our internal messaging system before being published.
  • Accuracy is more important than speed.
  • Like any publication, reporting mistakes may occur. Corrections will be issued if this happens.
  • Reporters that do not follow our code of conduct will be relieved of duty.

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