We have stood in fire, battled it side-by-side with our neighbors, and watched our friends and family lose their homes and livelihood in its wake.   This destruction only seems to be intensifying as the years go on, and the communication systems and information available to the public is not able to keep up with the accelerated pace.

Although some of us came from Silicon Valley, we were Boy Scouts first, and now we now drag tools through the woods to battle the blaze just like everyone else.  The fire doesn’t care about your status, your political views, or where you come from.  It takes from all of us just the same, without bias, without thought, and without permission.

We built Watch Duty to help fight back in the best way we know how, through community resilience supported by world-class telecommunication infrastructure. We are a non-profit and non-government organization building tools and systems to help citizens and first responders recognize and track danger from extreme weather events, to help everyone stay safe and informed.

Our team includes skilled radio operators, firefighters, and citizen information officers who will provide up-to-the-minute information pushed directly to your phone.  We pull information from public channels like police and fire scanners, satellite data, fixed and aerial photography and more. Our goal is to help you discover and track wildfire hazards in real time.

Our vision has always been to build a true citizen-driven approach to disaster intelligence. That means you’re not just a bystander, you’re actively contributing to the safety of your community. You can also submit your own photos of active fires to help CIOs, first responders and members of your community by giving them better awareness of the situation on the ground.

About your privacy

Please review our long and verbose End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy if you have any concerns about the information we gather.  We are a non-profit and NGO founded in the wildlands of Sonoma County.  We have created Watch Duty to help citizens and first responders.  We are not for sale and neither is your data.  We collect as little information about you as possible to avoid any unnecessary fears or concerns.